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Dedicated to the pioneer settlers Neil McKinnon and Hannah McDonald 
Prince Edward Island, Canada and to all of their descendants.

Earliest Families
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McKinnon (Neil/Hannah)

McKinnon (Alexander/Ann)

McDonald (John / Marie)

McAllar (Captain/Unknown)

McDonald (John/Flora)

Stewart (Angus / Ann)

McDonald (James / Jane)

McDonald (Allen/Margaret)

Later Families
* indicates direct link to Larry MacDonald's Website


Bagster *


Bell *               




Boulter  *


Bulger *    





Costello *

Crawford *

Cribbins *





Fraser  *           


Gannon    *         

Godin *            


Hartnett *

Horne *






LeFlore  *    


MacDonald *

MacEachern *

MacEachern *

MacEachern *

MacKinnon *

MacLeod *      





McCarthy *

McDonald *

McDonald *




McLellan *  



Milligan   *



Moser *



Nichols *


Noland *

O'Leary    *     





Rullman  *       



Sheahan *





Tierney      *      

VanBlarcom *

White   *

White   *

Williams *

Welcome to Kith and Kin Family Tree

Revised April 2012

I have recently renewed my subscription for 2 years for both the domain K&K name and hosting the K&K web site. After a long hiatus we have updated Kith and Kin family Website deleting old links and adding some new information.

Welcome to the updated Kith and Kin Family Tree web site, dedicated to the Kith & Kin of Neil McKinnon and Hannah McDonald. Here you'll find information on many related families who lived in or near the Brae, Lot 9, Prince Edward Island, and Canada during the 1800’s. Their descendants, our Kith & Kin, live in many parts of Canada, the US and around the world. This site is intended to provide information for anyone who may be even remotely related. If you have any connection to the folks listed on the family surname page, or if you have any questions about them, please contact either Rick Atkinson at KithKin@cox.net or Larry MacDonald at larry-macdonald@shaw.ca.

"Where did we come from?” “Is there anyone famous (or infamous) that we are related to?" Everyone's family tree tells a story and the McKinnon one is particularly fascinating. You will find that not only are many of us cousins to one another, we are in several instances, also "cousins unto ourselves.” Our ancestors had huge families and inter and intra-marriage within and between families in Scotland, Canada, and “The Colonies” was not unusual. In the early days the pool of persons available for marriage was much more restricted. Individuals did not live long, economics and survival dictated that widows and widowers did not remain unmarried for long thus there are many combined families. Travel was difficult, most people didn’t travel more than 40 miles in their lifetime and thus people did not know either their ancestors or direct relatives. Compound this with immigration, warfare, family feuds, clan rivalries, religious and racial discrimination and the restrictions of the day and the result are our extended Kith & Kin!

The goal of our Web Site is to gather and publish accurate verifiable information about our heritage and extended Kith & Kin. In this effort, we are proud to include links on this web site to Larry MacDonald’s web site containing the Key McKinnon Family Tree. Larry, a true genealogist, has carefully researched and documented highly accurate McKinnon genealogy tracing facts starting with Neil McKinnon who, as a young boy, emigrated from the Isle of Barra Scotland, though the generations that followed in Prince Edward Island, The Brae and into modern times.
Although we may never actually personally meet one another, this web site is an attempt for us to keep in contact across the miles. For example, Larry the genealogist and Rick are distant cousins, sharing their respective areas of responsibilities have never actually met each other, for that matter never even chatted on the phone. This web site was developed by Laura Atkinson our webmaster.

After reviewing the family section of the website if you have additional and or updated family information, corrections etc., please, contact Larry larry-macdonald@shaw.ca and after verification, this would be linked to the Kith and Kin Family Tree web site on the appropriate and/or new family surname page. Please note: The dates of living individuals are not be published on the internet but will be kept private in the database as will email and snail mail addresses. Using this process, several "lost or missing" relatives have been found and we hope to find many more. If you have suggestions on ways to improve our website or want to add something of interest such as text, great family legends and stories, biographies, histories, old documents, family pictures, additional links, (or horrors, find an error) please don't hesitate to contact KithKin@cox.net  Any and all comments are welcome.

We only ask that you carefully research and verify the accuracy of your information (for example we don't want a picture of Aunt Emma actually being Uncle Bob or add names to the wrong family!) Our collective goal is to not perpetuate incorrect information. Please give credit and reference your sources wherever possible. You will notice that Old English, Canadian and US spellings are used throughout the pages depending on their source. There are also several historical documents, wills etc. that were written phonically in text that was the custom of the day that are left as they were written for historical accuracy.

We consider the web site a never ending journey, a work in progress. We have included links to many family surname pages with basic information on some of the clans, tartans, surname histories, and important historical events with informative links etc.

Larry remains our genealogist and researcher. Unfortunately there is no current Kith & Kin Newsletter publisher (we have looked in vain for a volunteer). We especially want to thank Rick's daughter, Laura Atkinson for her expert assistance in the actual design, development and maintenance of the Kith and Kin Family Tree web site. Laura remains “Kith and Kin Family Tree” webmaster. Rick is the gatekeeper. We are all temporary custodians. In order to keep the website informative, innovative, and exciting, new "publishers,” "webmasters" and "genealogist/researchers" volunteers are more than welcome. When contacting us, please identify yourself and the subject in the subject area of the e-mail so we don't inadvertently delete them as spam.

With Best Wishes,

Rick Atkinson, Laura Atkinson, and Larry MacDonald

"Kith" is an archaic Scottish word meaning, roughly, "friends and neighbors"; as opposed to "kin," blood relatives; in some contexts, it refers to a different kind of family than the traditional kind.  The word "kith" is related to the equally obscure word "kythe" (also spelled "kithe"), which means "to make known" or "to become known.”

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